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css3: add-on that makes web pages look as they do in the desktop version jquery: scripting language for websites java: coding language for websites php: language used in building web pages html: language used in building web pages js: scripting language for websites mysql: database management system In modern web design, the way the various design components are composed in a page is set with the css. The css, often bundled with a web template, is written in a style language. The _html_ tags and the properties of the different elements that comprise a page are specified using the _html_ language. The script language, on the other hand, is JavaScript and is used for animations and transitions. Figure 2-1 shows what a page looks like in the three main design languages. **Figure 2-1** A page built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript As you can see, the page in Figure 2-1 is filled with all three design languages. HTML lists the tags used in the page, CSS names the style of the page, and JavaScript makes the page work. The css3 component adds the web-like appearance to the page and makes use of some properties from the html4 standard. The _html_ language lists the page's tags and properties, and the script language makes sure the page is dynamic and works as well as it should. In this chapter, we will focus on how to write the css part of a web page and how to make a page look pretty. Of course, it is also important to learn the differences between _static_ (simple) and _dynamic_ (more complex) web pages and the different kinds of pages you can build with css. With this background information, you will be able to select the right css and html tags for any project you work on. **NOTE** In this chapter, you will be reviewing the css style of a page. The information in this chapter will help you write your own css style sheets as well as help you understand how and when to use css3 components. **CSS and the W3C** The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a nonprofit, public organization focused on making the Web the most efficient, standards-based application platform in existence. The W3C offers many useful Web



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