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A: This will get you going: #include void input ( char * ); int main () { char filename[256]; char buffer[1024]; printf("Please enter the filename to be loaded: "); input ( filename ); FILE *f; f = fopen(filename,"rb"); int len = fread(buffer,1,1024,f); printf("%d bytes loaded ",len); printf("%s",buffer); return 0; } void input ( char * filename ) int len; while ( ( len = fread(buffer,1,1024,f) ) > 0 ) { printf( "%d characters loaded ",len ); printf("%s",buffer); } fclose(f); For debugging, you can write output to file like so: FILE *f = fopen(filename,"rb"); char buffer[1024]; int len; while ( ( len = fread(buffer,1,1024,f) ) > 0 ) fclose(f); Q: How to implement signed and unsigned versions of a class template with the same interface I want to make a class template with an interface, but with only a couple of specific methods that are different for signed and unsigned types. I need to be able to use the template with either signed or unsigned types, and I need a method that takes either a signed or an unsigned parameter. I don't want to explicitly make a class template for signed and unsigned types, because I want the class to just be templated. I don't want to use the overloaded functions, because I want my class to be used with signed or unsigned types. For example:




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Digi Loader 1 .exe Download jangal
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